Gabriel Diaz

Gabriel was born with the gift of music.  As a young child, he would get in trouble for singing too loud in church.  All of his elementary school report cards state that he cannot sing and dance on the desk while the teacher is speaking.  Tapping the perfect drum beat on the desk, drove the professors mad.  However, he still pushed on.  Not one to join the choir or music club, he started and played with many different bands throughout the years.  Everything from Country, Christian,  Salsa and Heavy Metal.  Gabriel has found a place to fit in.  Playing multiple instruments has helped along the way.  He has opened for acts such as the Gran Combo from Puerto Rico and Jack Russell's Great White.  Some of his influences include Steve Vai, Skid Row, Richie Kotzen, Killswitch Engage and Marc Anthony.  Interestingly enough, Gabriel found his home when it came to the music of the 80's.  Having over a three octave range, precise timing and a passion for music that supersedes generations, he has embraced the soul and love that is needed to faithfully present this style of music.  "It's funny how everything I've done musically brings me to this time, place and stage.  I look forward to sharing this with you.  Everything from the past, the present and the future.  Let's Rock!"